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SWCC Christmas Fundraiser


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Can you picture this?
Salmon making the long journey upstream guided by instinct and at the end of their journey, they will die but they have birthed a legacy of many more salmon that feed on what their parents have left behind. They are swimming against the current but using eddies and other water features to make their journey and while it can be harsh and tough, it is also beautiful, historic and vitally important to all things.
It is also very symbolic of the human race, we are born and raised by our parents who try and encompass a safe haven for their children and grandchildren. There are many obstacles and challenges along the way, but the life journey is beautiful and endearing. The main outcome we undoubtedly yearn, is a healthy world to live in. Healthy water to drink, air to breathe and for our wildlife and ecosystems to have the opportunity to continue their instinctual journey as they have been for centuries.

This year think about your gift of Christmas as we come together to support the preservation of our wild Skeena Watershed. Have fun outbidding your friends and family, or simply finding a great Christmas present that you know goes towards a worthy cause. ALL donations will help us achieve our goal of educating community, protecting our Skeena watershed and supporting great development projects. 
will help us achieve our goals of educating our community, protecting our watershed and supporting good development projects. - See more at: http://skeenawatershed.com/getinvolved/article/make_a_donation/#sthash.ZjekMHnJ.dpuf

Bonus, we have some kick ass gear that has been kindly donated from local businesses and some significant Skeena products you won't find anywhere else!

SWCC has been recognized twice by Tides Canada, as one of Canada’s Top Ten most effective and innovative environmental organizations (2010 & 2013). 

We are the same crew that worked with the Tahltan First Nation and all the downstream communities to protect the Sacred Headwaters from coal-bed methane development.  We hope to permanently protect our headwaters, an area the size of Yellowstone National Park, from further industrial development. This region is the birthplace of three of British Columbia's greatest wild salmon & steelhead rivers: the Skeena, the Nass and the Stikine.
We are united in understanding that short term industrial development plans, even 50 year plans, will not benefit our region in the long run if they undermine the social and environmental fabric that holds the watershed and its communities together. - See more at: http://skeenawatershed.com/about#sthash.SQ6Z40Iw.dpuf
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