#80 Isabeau & Nashoba Enclosure - 22 Years of Wolf Energy

# 80 Silent Item

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THE ONLY TIME THIS WILL BE OFFERED! A collection of soil and items from this enclosure that holds the energy of wolves past and present, along with a photo of flirtatious Isabeau and quiet man Nashoba. This collection will remind you of these precious animals, wherever you choose to display this keepsake. [This year we offer seven of the 15 enclosures; in 2018, we'll offer the last eight.]

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Winning bid will pay for shipping costs. Costs are dependent upon packing needed and where the item needs to be shipped to. PLEASE NOTE: Unless the “Buy It Now” option is chosen, the bidding will still continue on these items at the gala on April 22nd. If you are the highest online bidder, W.O.L.F. will offer you the option of continuing to bid at the gala by phone using a proxy or through email with a pre-determined maximum bid. Highest bid whether online or at the gala is the winner of the item.

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