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California Wildflowers
California Wildflowers California Wildflowers California Wildflowers

California Wildflowers

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Donated By: Kelly McElravey
McElravey, Kelly, often referred to as Kelly Mac or Kell Bell, circa 2012, Cask Painter. Her surname was originally Martin; Born on the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Little is known of her life and training, although it is clear that she belongs to a family of painters. Her paintings, executed in brilliant colors and with an uncanny mastery of detail, are filled with animated objects and figures believed to have been suggested by folk legends and allegorical poems. Such works as the Nordic Skier Cask appears to have intricate allegories; its symbolism, however, is obscure and has consistently defied unified interpretation. McElravey clearly has an interest in the fantastic, hardworking and enthusiatic intellegence of the athletes. She also may be the first Tahoe City/Truckee painter to depict scenes of everyday Nordic ski life on a wine cask. This will be her second annual Cask as Canvas entry. Last year went so well, she decided to do it again- for the cause.
Additional Information
Proceeds for this barrel will benefit Far West Nordic Ski Education Association. Pick up is the preferred method, however Truckee River Winery will deliver locally.

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