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Based on data collected July 2012

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Is the fundraising managment software really free?

Absolutely! We receive a lot of questions about what exactly is charged and what is not. It's simple:
Let's asume you have a fundraising event and you simply want to do a traditional silent and live auction - this is absolutely free. You may use BiddingOwl to organize your entire event. You can print bidsheets, sell raffle tickets, and much more. Your guests and bidders can even preview your items and event details on your own auction website. You may even use our super simple and yet professional checkout service. This is all free!

For example: You run your auction and during the event you enter the highest bids placed (silent and live auction results) into the BiddingOwl system under the "Record Bids" tab. This will automatically create invoices for your bidders. When your guests are ready to check out, you simply go to the "Create Invoices" tab and ask for their payment. You can integrate cash, check and even credit card payments with an optional credit card swiper (PayPal fees apply). And don't be afraid - even if you "enter" the results of your silent and live auction into our online system - we won't charge you for it. Overall, you ran a silent and live auction and not an online auction. All this is at NO cost to you!

So, when do you charge me?

The only time we do charge you our legendary 5% performance fee is when you actually run an online auction (also online pre-bidding for silent and live auction items) or use mobile bidding (which is essentially the same as an online auction). We take 5% of the highest bids (revenue) placed on an online item.

Let's assume you have an online item that sells for $100 online. We bill you for $5. Now, let's assume that you utilize "pre-bidding" for your silent and live auction. The item goes into online bidding before the actual event and gets pulled over to the actual event just a few hours before. Somebody placed a pre-bid on the item for $50 online and another person actually bought the item at the actual event via a traditional paper bid-sheet for $100. BiddingOwl will charge you $2.50 based on the online bid of $50. No questions asked. We simply only charge you on items that are "bid" on online.

Think about it - BiddingOwl is cheaper than EBay. They charge a final value fee of 9%!