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Youth Auction

Welcome and thank you for supporting our charity auction event. We hope you may find it in your heart to be generous, as we pursue our goals to do even more for our cause.

Whether you are familiar with our organization or just warming up to us, please feel free to browse through the different auction items listed.

Bidding is only allowed for supporters that are associated with our organization. We reserve the right to delete bids from supporters that are not part of our community.

BBMJ Youth Health Sports Camp is a local Sacramento County non-profit.

Our organization is representative for providing nutritional education, body fitness and health and wellness services to school districts located in Sacramento County, California and its outlying areas. Our programs’ designed application is merited by sporting events and our health and wellness program.

Mission:  To introduce children (3rd to 6th grade) with key fundamentals and training techniques while empowering them with a step-by-step process for healthy living” (body fitness and living healthier lifestyles). Currently, BBMJ collaborates with school districts toward the success of this program.

Purpose: BBMJ’s purpose for starting this program is to assist children at an early age with the knowledge of how exercise, healthy living and diet can make a difference in their lives, via academics, behavioral application, mental focus, discipline and self-motivation.

The money raised will benefit youth enrolled in BBMJ Camps scheduled for Fall 2017-Spring 2018. The funds will go towards program operation. Program operation includes shirts, healthy foods and drinks, handouts, rewards and incentives, insurance, as well as maintenance on our sports equipment.

Thank you once again for helping us bring the community together with an awesome program for our youth.

Bryson Abernathy & Julia Jackson

Co-Founders of BBMJ Youth Health Sports Camp


*** Payments from winning auctions MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN five (5) Days from auction close ***

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BBMJ Youth Health Sports Camp

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