Grant Professionals Foundation 2020 Silent Auction

It's Where The Grant People Meet! (and bid!)

Since 2006, the Grant Professionals Foundation (GPF) has been strengthening nonprofits and advancing the grant profession by providing funding for educational scholarships to Grant Professionals across the nonprofit sector.

GPF is staffed by volunteers and supported by donations from GPA members and friends. Our partners in this mission are the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), which educates and advocates for grant professionals, along with the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI), which defines the benchmark standards of the grant professional through credentialing. 
The annual Silent Auction is GPF's signature fundraising event! Because the 2020 GPA Annual Conference will be 100% virtual, there will be no live display of items. Regardless, bidding for GPF's auction will occur online -- starting October 14 and ending on November 6. Please engage with the Auction and help support GPF and our work of providing scholarships to advance the grants profession. Our goal for the 2020 Silent Auction is to raise $15,000. Every dollar raised helps, so every bid you make helps GPF make more scholarships available for 2021!


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11/06/2020 5:00 PM

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Grant Professionals Foundation

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