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Giant Arts in the Park

Each year, tens of thousands of dollars is needed to sustain the athletics and arts programs and enhance the academic offerings at Marion Community Schools. We believe NOW is the time to act to ensure the continued success of Giants present and future. Thanks to generous donors, we have gifted more than $90,000 to MCS and their initiatives since January 2015. We have also raised more than $180,000 for endowments that will continue to benefit MCS long into the future. Will you join us?

Please considering bidding on these items to benefit Marion Community Schools!

The Gardens at Matter Park

Matter Park
Marion IN, 46952

9/07/2017 6:00 PM
Join us for food, fun and live entertainment at the "Giant Arts in the Park" event. This will also be your opportunity to see the items available through our on-line auction. Items such as Marion High School's retired basketball banners, other collectible sports memorabilia and a variety of local items at nearly every price-point will be on display. Volunteers will be available to assist those in attendance with mobile bidding. If you can't join us for the "Giant Arts in the Park" event, bid on-line from anywhere or consider making a donation. Proceeds will benefit Marion High School Alumni Association's mission of supporting the Arts, Athletics and Academics of Marion High School and Marion Community Schools, at large. Thank you. Giants Fight, Never Die!

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