Great Tides Zen Start Up Auction

Brushing Zen Heart by Nonin Chowaney

Great Tides Zen is a new training center coming to Portland, ME, summer of 2014. We will offer a unique blend of koan introspection and earnest-vivid sitting, Dogen and Zen studies, and support for engaging the world through our practice.

We are raising funds for start up costs while we establish our in-person training program. More information available at Great Tides Zen.

This auction is composed exclusively of the work of Nonin Chowaney, a Zen priest and successor of Katagiri Roshi, who has done brush work for more than 25 years, creatively expressing the heart of zazen.

Nonin's work is deeply respected in American Zen. If you visit a Zen center anywhere in the US, you are likely to see Nonin's heartful work. 

Please view these wonderful pieces and if you find yourself moved by one (or more!), place a bid. 

Please treasure yourself,

Dosho and Tetsugan

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Great Tides Zen

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