It's time for our best fundraiser of the year!

100% of the proceeds from this silent auction go to Hilltop Primary and its students!

Now is your chance to preview and start bidding on items online before the big event this Saturday, October 5th.  Items will still be viewable/up for grabs in the Media Center this Saturday, that is if someone doesn’t scoop them up with the “buy now” option online.  

Make sure to check out the Fund-a-Need events (Star Wars Movie with Mr. Schmidt, a fabulous Wine Tasting Party, Support the Naturalist Program and Parent's Night out on Al & Alma's) at the bottom of the green drop down menu.  

Also, you will get a notification from Bidding Owl when the auction closes and then you will be able to check out.  There is no need to process payments prior to the auction closing.  Once the auction closes you can process your payment online with Paypal or pay by cash/check in the Media Center during pickup.

Lastly, we know how much you’ve already given and we honestly can’t thank you enough for your continued support.  Bid High and Bid Often - set up Max Bids for your favorite items (Under My Account/My Bids)!  Have fun and good luck!

*Water bottle pictured is used to show scale of items and isn't included with purchase.


AUCTION CLOSES at 2:30PM CST on Saturday, October 5th, 2019.


ITEM PICK-UP is from 3-5PM CST on Saturday, Oct. 5th, 2019 in the Hilltop Media Center.  Please pick-up during this window or make arrangements for a friend/family member to grab your items.  Don't let this discourage you though.  We can make special arrangements, if needed.  Please contact -


Don’t Wait. Donate.
If you’re not a silent auction fan or just can’t take the suspense of an online bidding war, click the button below and we’ll graciously take your money.  Thanks in advance!


Have questions? Please contact us!


Thank you for your support!

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