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Providing educational and other resources for young rural Zambian women

Meet Sara Muluti, the second youngest child in a family of five, being raised by a single mother who provides for her children by walking 1 1/2 hours every day to sell vegetables in town. "Being a schoolgirl in this family has been a big challenge especially in trying to find just the basic needs to go to school," explains Sara. Despite the obstacles, Sara is the only child in her family and one of the few in her class to pass the notoriously difficult secondary school education examinations. Unfortunately, Sara's mother is not able to pay the prohibitively expensive secondary school tuition, boarding fees and school supplies for Sara.

This is where Bakashana was able to help. Sara's education would have ended if not for Bakashana providing the financial and emotional support necessary to enroll in a girls' secondary school and offering her boarding with 13 other girls in similar circumstances.

Sara also benefits from Bakashana's other programs such as innovative health education so she can avoid teen pregnancy, early marriage and HIV/AIDS; access tocomputer literacy training; instruction in sustainable gardening; workshops on study skills and specialized tutoring.

We hope you find it in your heart to help Bakashana continue to support girls like Sara through your purchase of items in this on-line auction. Since this is a fund rasier, the highest bidder receives the item. All sales are final.  Bakashana is a registered 501-3c non-profit supporting over 50 young women from rural Zambian with educational and leadership opportunities.

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