Friends Colorado #Together Against Bullying

Take a Stand Against Bullying Today!


No child should have to be bullied. No child should have to feel worthless, hopeless, alone, and not having anyone to turn to for help.


It is our responsibility, as adults, to create a safe and inclusive environment, where all children are allowed to thrive.

We educate and support youth sports clubs and schools in their work to create a bullying free environment. Your support is important in order for us to be able to continue to deliver our education.

Gabriel Landeskog, Friends' ambassador and Captain of the Avalanche, is strongly engaged in our cause and support our work in many ways. Join him! For example by bidding on one (or both) of the two Avs jerseys he has signed for this on-line auction. 

Follow us on social media for more information on our bullying-prevention work - and to stay updated on upcoming events, including meet-and greets' with Gabe.




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Friends Colorado

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