Silent Auction - Items and Goodies

Festival of Arts @ Balboa Magnet Elementary

Welcome to the Festival of Arts Silent Auction! Bidding starts March 1st, and runs through Friday March 13th at 7:30pm. This year, there are many amazing items for sale, ranging from event tickets, amusement park admissions and sports memorabilia, to the highly-coveted 5th grade culmination tickets.

All proceeds go to the Balboa Spirit Club which funds our enrichment programs (PE, vocal music, instructional technology support and science lab) and community events.

To start a bid: (If you already registered you can bypass this step)

  1. Sign up (Register) as a bidder using one of your student’s name w/room #. This is a one time process so that we have contact information for the bids you place and a way to notify you. 
  2. Please use the student’s first and last name with RM#. Using your child’s name and Rm# is for tracking purposes only. No payment info is collected at this point.
  3. Use the parent’s email address for contact info.
  4. Enter a bidder display name (or repeat student name).
  5. Create a password.
  6. Enter the rest of your contact info.
  7. You will be given a choice to receive an email or text notification (or both) when you are outbid.
  8. Click “agree to terms and conditions”.

No need to wait until the actual event on March 13th! It's never too early to start placing bids. For any items you bid on, you can receive an automatic text message or email (specify during registration) letting you know if you've been outbid and if you choose to submit a new bid.

*Please note if  you have the winning bid but are unable to be at the Festival of Arts/Silent auction at closing time (March 13th at 7:30pm) please contact Laurie Ahart at 310-435-7256 or to schedule a pick-up for your item.* There will be absolutely no shipping of any items, tickets or certificates.


Have questions? Please contact us!

Balboa Spirit Club - Silent Auction

Thank you for your support!