Maine Craft Portland Fundraising Auction

In support of the Maine Crafts Association and our new Portland retail location!

The Maine Crafts Association (MCA) invites you to bid on a curated list of "craft" experiences and craft artworks during our online fundraising auction from June 21-July 5. Proceeds from this auction will help support the MCA as we launch a new retail and programming space in the arts district of Portland, Maine. 
Winning bids will be determined on July 5 at an opening reception in our new location: Maine Craft Portland. (Online pre-bidding for items begins at noon on June 21 and ends at 11:00pm on July 4.)
The Maine Crafts Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting craft artists throughout the entire state of Maine with sales, marketing, trainings, apprenticeships, and events, while boosting the profile of craft artisans across the state. The MCA has been dedicated to the artisans of Maine for 35 years, and we host programs year-round which promote Maine craft artists. 
One of the primary ways that MCA supports artists in our state is financial: we provide our members with a retail outlet in which to sell their work. We've been operating the Center for Maine Craft, located in Gardiner, since 2008. To further our mission of financially supporting Maine's craftsmen and craftswomen we're thrilled to announce that the MCA is launching its second retail space in the state: Maine Craft Portland!

The Maine Crafts Association (MCA) will open MAINE CRAFT PORTLAND, a retail gallery and resource center in the historic Maine Charitable Mechanic Association (MCMA) building, known as Mechanic’s Hall, in downtown Portland, Maine this summer! The new MCA space will promote craft in Maine through exhibitions and public programming, and directly benefit Maine craft artists through sales of their work.



MISSION: The Maine Crafts Association supports craft artists by providing educational, marketing and retail opportunities.

VISION: The Maine Crafts Association acts to strengthen individual craft artists, Maine communities, local economies, and the visitor experience by making Maine a national crafts destination.

MCA programming and events build community and enrich the lives of Mainers; this is achieved by connecting artists with the public, contributing to a creative and entrepreneurial Maine culture, and creating channels for artists to grow their business reach and increase their economic status. MCA has been steadfast in its advocacy for Maine craft artists and now provides professional support and opportunities for roughly 500 established and emerging artist members, as well as additional artists and outsiders who participate as non-members. MCA programs focus on providing opportunities in marketing and exhibitions, sales, business development, creative/artistic development, public education, peer networking and mentoring and professional branding. MCA’s reach and impact are enriched through varied and strong partnerships with institutions, businesses and organizations throughout Maine and nationally. MCA does not support one single demographic, but our efforts directly and indirectly support small businesses owned by women, new Mainers, minorities, low income individuals, emerging artists and other artists representing various sub sections of the population.

MCA’s budget derives from a combination of retail sales, exhibition sales, memberships fees, individual and corporate contributions, grants and program fees.

Mechanic’s Hall, in the vibrant Arts District—across the street from Maine College of Art, blocks from the Portland Museum of Art, and home to an art supply store—is only made more ideal by the fact that the Mechanic’s mission dovetails with ours. MCMA programs and events will strengthen our efforts and income opportunities. Additionally, as a building tenant, MCA will have access to the Mechanic’s Hall library, ballroom and classroom spaces.


Maine Craft Portland

521 Congress St
Portland Maine, 04101

7/05/2018 5:00 PM

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