Cadet William G. Dean's Service Dog Initiative

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Take a moment and think of your favorite memory of a family pet. Think about how much they’ve made you smile or laugh. For military veterans that connection goes far deeper and stronger. Whether to help those with physical or hearing disabilities a service dog’s influence in a veteran’s life is instrumental to their day-to-day lifestyle.

In the past two years Cadet William Dean has raised over $55,000 in donations to various military organizations and nonprofits, such as the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation and Extreme SEAL Adventures/Warriors Rest.

This year he would be honored if your organization were to help spread the word of his Service Dog Initiative which will benefit the AUSA Monmouth Chapter and the LT Dennis W. Zilinski II Memorial Fund. This initiative will raise funds for much needed service dogs for wounded warrior veterans.


Bucks Mill Park

Bucks Mill Road
Colts Neck , 07722

8/04/2018 2:00 PM

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William Dean's Service Dog Initiative

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