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Twinkle for Kate and Ellie

CAA is ready to "TWIN"kle this holiday season by supporting 3-year-old TWINS, Kate and Ellie, who are battling Leukemia.  Together with the Team Mason Foundation (a non-profit 501c3), CAA will host a MOBILE Auction and Benefit Dance Concert.

In adherance with local health guidelines, we have made our auction MOBILE.  This means you can view AND bid on all auction items from your phone.  To view, go to  The auction will NOT get cancelled.

Auction items will be live and ready to bid November 30th - December 5th 2020.   In a hurry?  All baskets have a "buy now" option to give you peace of mind and allow you to purchase any must-have items.  100% of the proceeds will go toward assisting Kate and Ellie's family with thier medical bills.

Collect your baskets December 7th at the studio from 12-4 PM - Credit Cards preferred.

CAA dancers are committed to "be the one to spark hope and light the way." As a studio, we have decided on "TWIN"kle as our theme and want to spark hope for Kate, Ellie and their family.  We want each dancer to "spark hope" in our community and are encouraging them to do so this holiday season.   

More on Kate and Ellie:
Kate and Ellie, adorable identical twin girls who are both fighting Leukemia at the age of 3. Kate was diagnosed in October 2019, Ellie was diagnosed in March 2020 as the pandemic also took hold. The treatment to fight their type of cancer is about 2 1/2 years that requires them to get chemotherapy treatments weekly for the first 9 or so months, followed by daily chemo pills, steroid pulses,  hospital visits, and regular lumbar punctures for the next year and a half. While undergoing treatment they are immuno-compromised, which makes going anywhere scary, especially during COVID-19. They are the youngest of 5 children (ages 14, 12, 8, 3, 3). The older children are not able to leave the house in order to protect the twins. So their family is in total quarantine.  We can imagine how difficult this must be for their family.

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