Dream Foundry Autumn Auction

Keep the Space Dragon Going

Hello!  Welcome to the Dream Foundry, a shiny organization with a mission to help nurture and support the nascent careers of beginning professionals working in the speculative arts. If you like science fiction, fantasy, horror, the weird, the not-yet-realized, or the realm of what-if, we want to help the people who create that, regardless of the medium they work in.

This is our second auction and we need you to make it a success. We've had a lot of success this year, but we've got more we want to do.

One of our core tenets is that professionals should be compensated for their work, and we believe in practicing what we preach. Some people have already generously donated time and content, but we do not want to depend on free labor to thrive.  We've got a multi-pronged plan for raising funds, but this is the one where we need your help.

Over this year, we've been collecting items and offers that should appeal to fans and professionals working in the field. Some you could buy for yourself. Others would make great gifts. All of them are exciting, and we are eager for you to check them out and make a bid.

So step right up and come, help us dream with you.


Have questions? Please contact us!

Dream Foundry

Thank you for your support!

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