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Welcome to CMS' live auction site. There are some great items here...have fun, get competitive and make the most of these great deals!

You can view all items on this site by choosing the "All Items" option under the green "View Items" dropdown under the CMS logo on this page. Items under "Classroom Donation" will be donated straight to the classroom and no bidding is required. Please ensure you use the "Buy Now" button for these items.

And don't forget to bid on the CMS Class of 2022 Major Artwork, which will be unveiled at the Annual Art Night on 29 November. 

But first things first. Register using the "Register" link above (or simply just click here) and create your alias. As text message notification only works inside of the USA, make sure you tick "Receive Email Notification When Out-Bid" so you don't miss out! Please refer to the email from CMS for a step by step guide on how to register. The rest is easy! But if you're needing help, message Virginia on WhatsApp or email her on

Just remember folks, it’s for the kids....

Happy bidding!

- CMS Art Night Team -


** Bidding is only allowed for supporters that are associated with Castlecrag Montessori School. We reserve the right to delete bids from supporters that are not part of our community **

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