Quest for Education and Arts - Online Auction

proceeds go to the Bilodeau Prize Scholarship Fund

Quest for Education and Arts exists to provide educational opportunities utilizing community experts and specialists and emerging technology to offer the best possible training with a faith based foundation.

Each year we award the Bilodeau Prize Scholarship to deserving seniors. 

You can support this effort by simply bidding in our auction!  


Who can participate? You do not have to be part of Quest to participate in the auction, we welcome all bidders from the Tucson community and beyond!


Auction Schedule - The auction will take place from April 7-April 20, 2019.


Item Pick-up - Once you have been notified of a winning bid, items can be picked up in the Quest office at 7570 N. Paseo del Norte, Monday-Wednesday from 8:00am-5:00pm.  

Other arrangements for pick-up can be made by contacting  


OUT OF TOWN BIDDERS - we ask that you pay for the shipping of your winning items.  Shipping costs vary and will be posted on individual items.


Thank you for supporting Quest!! 

Have questions? Please contact us!

Quest for Education and Arts

Thank you for your support!