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Welcome to the Lyme Aid Holiday sports memorabilia auction!  This auction will be to raise funds for medical costs and research to help find a cure for Lyme Disease.

The funds raised will support 3 needs:

1)  Global Lyme Disease and Invisible Illness Organization:  Goal is $675 to help them file for international charity status.  The website is

2)  Funds directly to support Kayla Blackburn's medical costs.  I can provide her youcaring website.  Goal is $250

3)  Some of the additional funds above the goals will also go to, a foundation that helps pay for medical costs for treatment of those 25 and younger.

A maximum of 10% of the funds raised will go towards costs of this campaign, so at least 90% will go directly towards one of the 3 causes above.  And if you want to specify which one yours go towards, you can direct them as well.

This auction will end Sunday evening at 8:00pm, December 13, to allow time for you to get your items for Christmas!  Please remember the money raised is all going to for a very good cause, and each of these has a high value.  Please share with your sports fan friends!

All autographed items listed are guaranteed to be authentic!

Email me at with any questions at any time. And check the Facebook button on the left for our facebook page.



11/28/2015 12:00 AM

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Thank you for your support!