Charity Chew With The Burger & Spoon

A Dinner Date With The Doughboys & You

Important Update:

To bid, please click on view items - food & drinks. Then, click on Charity Chew with Burger & Spoon. You will be directed to the bidding page and prompted to create an account. All the best!


Win an exclusive, never-before-offered opportunity to dine with Mike "Spoon" Mitchell and "The Burger Boy" himself, Nick Wiger. Be the first honorary member of the Doughboys.

PLUS! Winning bidder will head home with a swag bag filled with Doughboys goodies and chain restaurant gift cards. All proceeds from the winning bid will benefit the rescued animals of Santé D'Or Foundation, a small but mighty 501(c)3 non-profit located in Los Angeles. 

In early 2019, The Doughboys introduced the Golden Paw Club - a collaboration with Santé D'Or Foundation, aimed at raising awareness about rescued animals and promoting adoptions. Santé D'Or is focused on community rescue in the LA area. Our animals come from our streets, or surrendered by residents experiencing hardship/crisis, with us intervening before they end up in local shelters. We believe in the holistic care of our animals - this includes a healthy, natural diet, loving care and absolutely clean environment. With a wholesome approach to pet care, our rescue animals do more than survive, they thrive. Visit for more information.


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Santé D'Or Foundation

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