PFHA Stallion Service Auction

Bid for Stallion Breedings!

The 2020 Stallion Service Auction

is Now in Phase 1

Phase 1 – At Grand National Show.  A member interested in purchasing a breeding to a participating stallion can place register as a bidder and place an open bid. This open bidding is closed at 5 pm Eastern standard time Friday during the show week.  At that point the highest bidder for a stallion service is the winning bidder, and that stallion’s service is not available for further bidding. The winning bidders and the donors of the stallions whose services were purchased through this phase each get a free nomination to one of the BSC classes AND a free initial nomination of a weanling foal to the Fabulous Futurity program. For further information on the Fabulous Futurity program refer to the PFHA website.

  Phase 2 will begin after the close of Phase 1.

PFHA Grand National Show

401 Larry Walker Parkway
Perry , 31069

9/14/2020 4:00 PM

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