Democratic Women of Santa Barbara Holiday Auction

Supporting Democratic Values and Candidates

In these unique times we are all adapting and evolving. After the Democratic Women of Santa Barbara's luncheon was cancelled we struggled with how to raise funds and support Democratic candidates without tapping restaurants and businesses that are facing their own struggles. We realized that Democratic Women are a community of bakers, sewers, knitters and crafters -- and the Democratic Women on Santa Barbara Holiday Auction came to light. Thank you to all the community members who have shared their talents to make this event possible. We hope you will find a special gift for yourself or someone you cherish while supporting our shared values.


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50th Annual Holiday Membership Meeting

Online Event
Santa Barbara CA, 93101

12/13/2020 2:00 PM

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Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County

Thank you for your support!

Thank you Claudette and Jimmy Roehrig, Gold Sponsors Thank you Steve and Cindy Lyons, Gold Sponsors Thank you Michael MacElhenny, Gold Sponsor Thank you Susanna and Jeff Menelli, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Michael and JoAnne Meade Young, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Jill and Ron Dexter, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Marsha Marcoe, Bronze Sponsor Thank you EJ Borah, Gold Sponsor Thank you Anna Everett, Friend Sponsor Thank you Mary Ellen Wylie, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Christina Pizarro, Silver Sponsor Thank you Josie Martin, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Merryl and Chuck Zegar, Gold Sponsors Thank you Suzanne Cohen, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Judy and Rob Egenolf, Silver Sponsors Thank you Kate Ford, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Laura Capps, Silver Sponsor Thank you Catherine Swysen, Silver Sponsor Thank you Susan Epstein, Friend Sponsor Thank you to Meredith Murr, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Elayne Klasson, Friend Sponsor Thank you Paula Perotte, Friend Sponsor Thank you Vicki Johnson, Bronze Sponsor Thank you Hannah-Beth Jackson, Gold Sponsor Thank you Susan Rose, Silver Sponsor Thank you Victoria Ben-Yaacov, Bronze Sponsor