Superheroes, Capes of Strength and Beauty

Art Exhibition and Silent Auction to benefit El Rio Health Center's mammography screening program


Roche Tissue Diagnostics and the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance are joining forces with local artists to feature a community-driven art installation of locally designed and fabricated mammography capes. The exhibition, which is open to the public, will raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening and research. The exhibition titled, “Superheroes, Capes of Strength and Beauty,” and a silent auction, will raise funds for El Rio Health, a community-based health center that provides accessible, affordable, high-quality healthcare to more than 107,000 Tucsonans. This special exhibit opens in October, commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The mammography capes are used in El Rio Health by patients receiving mammograms, which is a low- dose x-ray that allows specialists to look for abnormal changes in breast tissue. The exhibit will feature 75 of these capes that have been altered, embellished, painted, quilted and otherwise re-imagined with no limit on materials or techniques used. The exhibit is designed to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention, celebrate survivors and remember those we have lost.
All displayed capes will have a starting bid of $50, with 100 percent of all funds raised to support El Rio Health Center Foundation’s breast cancer mammography fund for uninsured and underinsured patients. 


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