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The North American Friends of Chawton House (NAFCH) ia a non-profit organization supporting Chawton House in the U.K. with its mission of raising awareness and increasing understanding of the early women writers who preceded, inspired and influenced Jane Austen.

Chawton House in Hampshire is “The Great House” formerly belonging to Jane Austen’s brother Edward Austen Knight, just up the road from the cottage where she herself resided for some years. Jane walked up to the “Great House” regularly during her years in Chawton in order to dine there with family, to spend time with her motherless nieces and nephews, to explore the gardens, and to worship at St. Nicholas church next door.

Presently, Chawton House safeguards the Knight family’s library books, a few important paintings and antiques, as well as an extraordinary collection of works by early women writers.

Please bid or donate and become a Friend of “The Great House”, its lovely rooms and historic garden, and the many early women writers, including Jane Austen, whose legacy and works reside within.

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North American Friends of Chawton House

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