Acorn Montessori School 35th Anniversary Gala

A Charity Auction Event

Happy 35th Anniversary to Acorn Montessori School!  The combination of teachers, parents, administration and staff create the community Acorn has always been, and will continue to be well into the future.  Acorn prepares our children academically, nutures them holistically and helps them to become the very best citizens possible.  A little history behind our school:

  • Beverly Peutz and Susan McCartney, the founders and co-directors, welcomed ten eager children on September 5, 1984 into a carefully prepared classroom in a local church.   The rest is OUR history! 

This event is a wonderful opportunity to connect and support our Acorn community.  With your generous support, Acorn will continue to provide our students with academic excellence, self-confidence, accountability and awareness, while also inspiring them to undertake selfless acts of community service.  All you give to this event is not only greatly appreciated, but also benefits your child and many other children now, and will benfit many more children in years to come!   

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Acorn Montessori School

Thank you for your support!

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