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“At Project HARTwork, we believe that art is the antithesis of slavery. Through art, our message transcends verbal communication and has the potential to make a huge impact on human trafficking not just locally but nationally and globally.” - Jeff Gross


Who We Are: Project HARTwork is a non-profit organization partnering with artists and supporters around the world to facilitate the sale of fair trade art while engaging the community with the ongoing fight against human trafficking.

What We Do: Project HARTwork participates, sponsors, and collaborates with local, national, and international organizations to educate communities about the realities of modern day slavery. Through our events, exhibits, and other forums, we provide opportunities to learn and talk about human trafficking while enjoying artwork from local and international artists.
We realize that human trafficking can be an emotionally taxing topic to discuss and we’ve found that utilizing art can help start these difficult but essential conversations. Project HARTwork’s approach offers fair trade artwork that promotes the belief of freedom over enslavement, which creates a product that holds more than just material value.

Why We Use Art:
We feel that art represents freedom, both intellectually as well as physically. Art is often a representation of imagination or the expression of emotion, whether it is the sharing of joy or pain.

Art is an inherent component of every culture throughout the world, and its impact crosses geographic, cultural, social, and even mental borders. By sharing art from different cultures, we hope to extend awareness about the realities of those trapped in unwilling servitude. This awareness leads to action, and action leads to freedom.

One of the populations most at risk to be trafficked are those living in poverty. By assisting artists who may be at risk of economic exploitation, we are helping to create an environment where they are less likely to be victimized.

How You Can Help:
Be Mindful - Educate ourselves, and each other, to recognize the signs of human trafficking, and what to do if encountered. We can also watch out for products and services that are produced or sold through exploited labor.

Contribute - Submit works of art, volunteer at events, or buy art that you love.

Spread the Word - Many people are unaware that human trafficking occurs in every neighborhood in our country, and throughout our world, and that by getting involved, we can all make an impact to stop this global problem. You can also share Project HARTwork on your social media platforms.

Celebrate Freedom - We encourage you to join us in celebrating art, the emotion it stirs in us, and the freedom it represents.

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Project HARTwork

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