Nebraska Zen Center ~ Spring 2020 Auction

A Charity Auction Event

Taking care of this great, dream-like life manifests in many forms. As we tend to the details of our lives, so we also bring attentiveness to our practice, our teachers, and the sangha.   

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, life has changed for us all. Right now, we're expressing compassion for each other by staying apart. During these uncertain times, even though we may not share the same physical space, our connection to one another remains.

At Nebraska Zen Center (NZC), we continue to practice open-hearted inquiry and audacious awakening, bringing our awareness to the present moment. Taking refuge with each breath as we step forward into the unknown, our practice has the power to transform difficulty into spiritual benefit for all beings. 

Keeping our practice space alive and thriving means continuing to channel our energy and resources into its very being. As a non-profit, this translates into raising funds to maintain, improve, and nurture the building, meditation hall, outdoor spaces, and gardens.

Under normal circumstances, our programs, classes, and retreats generate critical income to sustain the center, but in these last months, with physical distancing being the norm, all of NZC's in-person activities have been on hold. Yet the need for financial support remains.

And, you can help.

We've sorted through our Zen art archives, and are letting go of some beautiful calligraphy created by retired Zen priest, Nonin Chowaney. Given the limited availability of his work, this is a special opportunity to bring Nonin's renowned brush calligraphy into your home or practice space, and simultaneously help NZC with much-needed support.

This spring, please support Nebraska Zen Center. Donate now or join our auction event.

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Thank you for your support!