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Pallet Auction

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by the BFG Expo Pallet Auction where you'll find great deals that are almost steals!

You'll have plenty of time to check out the pallets, do some research, bid, check back and bid again. Remember: bid early and bid often, then stop by on 09/25 before 5:00pm EST to place that one final bid!


How The Auction Works


To ensure bidders are tied to the correct customer number, we request that customers pre-register using the registration form (ask your sales rep for more details). You will then be assigned a user ID and initial password.


The auction will be live and open for bidding from 09/14/2020 (7:00am EST) to 09/25/2020 (5:00pm EST).

Placing a Bid is easy!

Just click on the green "View Items" drop-down at the top left to find the auction items.

Choose a category (or "all items") and click on the image to see the minimum bidding price, then go ahead and make a bid!

Bids are only accepted via this auction site. Bids cannot be accepted via email or any other method.

When the auction is complete...

BFG will process and ship your pallet shortly after the close of the auction.  
Pallets begin shipping ASAP after 10/1/2020 with December terms*.

Freight is $125 per pallet.

We have made every effort to assure that all products and quantities ordered will be fully available at the time of shipment.

In the event of unforseen circumstances, items will be subject to availability. 

Quantities and pricing will be adjusted to reflect any changes. All sales final.

* Terms subject to credit approval.



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