Welcome to Stagedoor Theatre's Silent Auction

Inspiring the hearts and minds of performers and patrons for 30 years.

Our beloved neighborhood theater needs your support!


Since March, Stagedoor creative teams, actors, and volunteers have shown incredible resilience and flexibility. Rehearsals have evolved from in-person to online. Show formats have changed - including one which has become a podcast. We have done so much to pivot and keep our Stagedoor family safe while also providing an essential outlet for our actors and creative team members. 


Local businesses and artists have been incredibly generous in donating their time experience and products. 


  • Experiences - most of the creative team members and many local skilled business people have donated unique opportunities.


  • Stagedoor Gaiters - Proudly wear your support for Stagedoor while protecting your community. Designed by local graphic designer & entrepreneur, Karen Meyer of crazyassleggings.com. 


  • Items and baskets - Fun items from our local community!


  • Props from previous shows! What better momento could your favorite actor have than the props from their shows?


  • Signed posters from previous shows!


Thank you so much for your generosity and helping Stagedoor prepare for our next 30 years!


Please support the local artists, galleries and stores who regularly contribute to the community in meaningful ways like this silent auction. Just as it has been a hard time for Stagedoor, many of our favorite local haunts quite literally may not recover and survive. If a lot of people make small purchases, they may be able to pay their rent. Thank you.


About Stagedoor

Conifer's StageDoor Theatre is the preeminent nonprofit performing arts and theatre education organization in the 285 corridor.

Founded in 1990, StageDoor has evolved from a small performance company with one portable stage to an expansive, multifaceted community theatre providing performing arts education and award-winning productions. 

The after school and summer programs provide performance arts education in acting, music, dance, and related technical skills for youth ages 6 to 18.  These programs foster public speaking skills, cooperative peer interaction, and self-confidence. Enrollment in 2018 exceeded 200 individual youths and a total enrollment of over 300.  

Adult actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and drama enthusiasts also find a place in StageDoor's repertoire.  Workshops and productions for adults encourage novice or seasoned performers to learn new skills and improve their techniques. 

With your help, we will continue to inspire the hearts and minds of our performers and patrons of all ages.





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StageDoor Theatre

Thank you for your support!

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