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And now, for something completely new and different!

We would like to offer a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and donated to our Roosevelt Dream Dinner! And of course, the dinner would not be complete without offering a tantalizing opportunity to participate in the Annual Silent Auction.

This being 2020, our Silent Auction will be held on-line. Sign-up for bidding and you may find answers to your questions about the auction process at https://www.biddingowl.com/faq.cfm.

For an extra bit of fun, check out our very own special “Vanna White’s”, Hannah Vanna BoBanna and Pat Vannafsky, showing you via a Kelley boys video production all of the fun and desirable items available in the auction.

View the auction video here: Click to view the video on YouTube 

2020 is a critical juncture in the political life of our nation and local party fundraisers help fund local candidates, register voters, and Get Out the Vote activities.

Have some fun and help the Weld Count Democrats promote our democratic ideals!

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