Raq-On Dance Online Auction & Gala

Helping a little studio in WRJ, VT get through these tough times

Hi Everyone!

We're Raq-On Dance Studio, a small studio in WRJ VT that has been fostering fearless curves in the Upper Valley for more than a Decade. This year we are celebrating our 10th year as a dedicated Belly Dance/Middle Eastern Dance Studio. Our little space allows 10 dancers per class 5-6 days a week to come and study this dance. However, due to COVID, having a small space doesn't allow us to socially distance.

Members of the Dance community have graciously donated new and used dance and costuming items to help us ride this out. We have also "gone" shopping with some of our friends in Egypt and have brand new hipscarves, jewelry, and more for your shopping pleasure. 

Join us for our online gala and perfomances Saturday, Feb 20th at 7pm. Tickets are pay what you can, $5-$20 FMI visit Raq-On.net

We also have our Patreon account, for $15 a month you can get online dance classes and help us out too: hhttps://www.patreon.com/Raqondance


Thank you everyone who has contributed items, joined Patreon, is bidding on items, and sharing this event. We are so grateful to continue to have such wonderful support from everyone <3


Have questions? Please contact us!

Raq-On Dance Studio

Thank you for your support!

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