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Pat Dyer Memorial Fund

Fort Wayne is blessed with a wide array of gifted cancer doctors — medical and radiation oncologists, hematologists, surgeons — as well as top-notch hospitals and treatment facilities.

But no matter how skilled our medical community is at treating cancer, successful outcomes depend on timely adherence to  treatment protocols, which often require patients to make multiple visits over multiple weeks to one or more locations. This poses a real hardship for many: they can’t afford the gas for repeated treatments. This problem is compounded by steadily rising fuel costs.

The result? Tragically, some patients show up irregularly for chemotherapy or radiation. Even more tragically, some abandon treatment altogether.

The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund, with help from our providing partner Lassus Handy Dandy, provides gas cards to cancer patients who qualify for assistance.

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The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund

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