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HeARTS Alive! ... Keep the Love Going...

All summer long the HeARTS have been seen and enjoyed by everyone in our community and county. The original cost of materials was sponsored by local businesses and people, and artists donated their time to design and paint the HeARTS. The project was organized by WCAA board member, Ellen Silberlicht who conceived the project and organized the installation of the HeARTS throughout Wayne County, PA. This online auction is only for a limited time: August 24th - September 9th!

NOW, you have the opportunity to own your favorite HeARTS and keep the love going at your home, office, studio, business, camp, etc! You can set up the sculpture as is-- 3 HeARTS on a post--in your yard or on your deck, porch, sunroom, etc! Or, unscrew them and take them off the post and mount the HeARTS in your home or on exterior walls of your house/barn/garage/studio; they would look great mounted to a garden wall or fence, too! Perhaps gift them to someone else! The HeARTS are each 24" wide on a 6' post and include an umbrella base and 2 optional sand bags.

The HeARTS are fun, creative, and their purchase will help support the Wayne County Arts Alliance and its ongoing projects. Winning bidders will be contacted following the end date of the auction, September 9th, to coordinate pick-up of their HeARTS, base, and optional sand bags. 

Wayne County Arts Alliance is a not-for-profit organization entirely governed by volunteer members of artists and persons interested in the beneficial effects of the arts. WCAA is committed to developing a dynamic, art-friendly atmosphere in the community, one that enhances and enriches the lives of its citizens. For more information visit: waynecountyartsalliance.org

We thank each and every bidder for supporting HeARTS Alive and WCAA!  

Have questions? Please contact us!

Wayne County Arts Alliance

Thank you for your support!

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