Stillwaters Environmental Center

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Stillwaters monitors a variety of environmental variables to assess the recovery of the lower Carpenter Creek watershed for salmonids since the removal of two undersized culverts near the mouth of the creek.

The Stillwaters wetlands are part of a larger system that includes forested, freshwater, and emergent salt marsh communities. The salt marsh is part of the Apple Tree Cove Estuarine wetland system, which flows in Puget Sound. Carpenter Lake is just upstream, and we are part of the Carpenter Creek riparian zone. 

Community citizens are joined by interns and graduate students from local universities in conducting field research and in monitoring and preserving the estuary, salt marsh, and the watershed. We are a volunteer-driven nonprofit that welcomes new volunteers!


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Fund-A-Need and More Page 

$25 - Annual Membership
$60 - Month of consumable monitoring supplies
$100 - Average monthly cost for monitoring equipment
$250 - Month of software application fees
$500 - Building & grounds maintenance
$1,250 - Training for one intern
$2,500 - Much needed technology upgrade
The amounts listed indicate examples of what donations could provide. All donations will support Stillwaters' general operations and help keep Puget Sound lowland streams and estuaries protected. 
Thank you in advance for your support!!

If you'd like to make a pledge for future payment by check or stock transfer, send your information to

Have questions? Please contact us!

Stillwaters Environmental Center

Thank you for your support!

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