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This is one of the ways you can participate in the mission outreach of our Church


As we reflect on everything happening this year, we realize that this has been a difficult time for so many in our country and around the world.  As Christians we want to meet the needs of others through giving.  Although not everyone can give financially, we can support our neighbors, as well as those serving around the world by caring for each other's needs.  We can communicate, care, serve, and pray.

And we can be thankful

In the past, we have had fundraisers for specific events in our church, such as group trips and missions outreach to specific recipients.   This year we are raising money to strengthen our budget and protect financial commitments to our missionaries and other organizations.  Creating a stronger financial position will enable us to continue to serve others.

For those who do not participate in the auction, here is a dirct link to the page to give directly to missions.  https://fcch.churchcenter.com/giving.  Please select Missions. (This gift is totally tax deductible.)

How the auction works:

Due to the pandemic, all items are held by the donor until the winning bid is determined, which is the highest offer received when the auction closes.  The auction will start October 10th at noon and closes at 10PM on October 25th.

Winners and donors will be provided each other's contact information in order to arrange a safe way to pick up items or receive services.  Some may postpone exchange until a mutually agreeable time, possibly next year as some items are weather dependent.  Since geographical location will affect the exchange of goods and services, this action is limited to residents of Boston's North Shore.

The auction software is developed and operated by a company working with non profit organizations; the fee is 5% of the donation.

Starting bid is $25, unless otherwise specified; please consider the fair market value of the donation as posted by the donor when making your bid, as well as the 5% fee.  An auction worker will notify each winner after the auction is closed.

If acknowledgement of donation is needed for tax purposes, please contact the church's financial secretary.

The website takes payment via credit card, terms with security encryption and also protects personal information.

If you are having problems seeing some images, please click on the image.  A  large screen will appear with the image.  On the upper right-hand corner of the screen is a magnifying glass with a +.  Click on that to view a larger image of the item.

Many Thanks to All Our Auction Donors!

And Many Thanks to Everyone Participating in the Bidding Process

If you have questions on the process, need clarification on listed auctions items or services, please call or text Shelly Moran 978-869-4197 or Bob Payne 978-473-9274 between the hours of 9 AM and 8 PM.  If we are not available, we will get back with you.

Have questions? Please contact us!

First Congregational Church of Hamilton

Thank you for your support!

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