Festival of Trees 2020

Liberty Place inc

The Festival of Trees has been the primary fund-raising event for Liberty Place Inc for the past 23 years. Liberty Place is Montana's Premier long-term care program for people with acquired brain injury. The funds raised during this event allow us to continue to reach out to survivors and to assist them to become not just "survivors" but "thrivers". By supporting the Festival of Trees you are giving hope,, optimism, and vision for a brighter future for those who are living with an acquired brain injury.

 Delivery of trees is only available within 60 miles of Bozeman. If you want to bid but do not need/want a tree for your use please consider donation. We will have an available list of places/people in need of some holiday cheer. 

Some Items require pick up. Please contact us with questions.

Click here to watch the Residents Performance for Festival of Trees

To bid please register above with Bidding owl.

Have questions? Please contact us!

Liberty Place

Thank you for your support!

Thank you Five Points Foundation for your continued support of Liberty Place and the Festival of Trees.

Jim and Gail Gunderson your continued support of The Festival of Trees allows us to continue our work Thank you. Thank you to Tom Bozeman and Pam Hiebert-Bozeman for their continual support of The Festival of Trrees Wylie Walters and David & Tammy Blackburn, Thank you for your generosity Thank you to McLean Plumbing and Heating, Millie Baycroft & Bob Wilkinson, and Mark Solyst for supporting Liberty Place