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Presented by Healing Hearts Psychic Fair and Chalice Hart
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As many other events this past year, our annual fundraiser was delayed and forced to morph by COVID.  We appreciate you following us here, remaining flexible through the changes, and continuing to support us.
The success of this new venture and the replenishment of our Fund depend upon your invaluable assistance.
Please, share this auction page link https://www.biddingowl.com/HealingHeartsFair
with friends and family, and invite them to check out all we offer:  Readings, Workshops, and Auction!

All Readers, Healers, Entertainers, Instructors, and the Staff are VOLUNTEERS, DONATING THEIR TIME AND TALENTS to help bring you insight, clarity, peace, and healing, while helping us to fulfill our ongoing commitment to support the local Community through our charitable efforts.

NOTE - For all items on this site, please make sure to read each description carefully.  In the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION field, you will find details on arrangments for redemption, expiration dates, delivery options, and more, applicable to each separate offer.  

READERS / HEALERS - Tickets sold ONLY on Fair day, Saturday, February 13th, 8 am - 8 pm, as BUY-IT-NOW auction items

Are you looking for guidance in your life?  Do you feel stuck?  Is the path ahead mired in darkness, and you can't find the way forward?

Once again, the Healing Hearts Psychic Fair brings you a golden opportunity to resolve some of the challenges that might be burdening you.  Let our experts shine a light on the circumstances at hand, and show you possible courses of action and approaches to your concerns.
Our Readers and Healers are some of the Pacific Northwest’s best known professionals in their fields;  they are friendly, easy to work with, and extremely thorough in their work, taking pride in their connections with clients and in their results.

For this charity event only, all adepts are donating their time to the cause, so we may offer you these sessions at highly reduced rates:  all 30 minute sessions are only $20, while 60 minute sessions are $40, as indicated in each Reader’s description, but you can donate above that if you wish.  Just use our PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON on this page, or follow THIS LINK
To purchase a ticket, please ONLY use the BUY-IT-NOW option, and DO NOT put any amount in the Bidding field. 

WORKSHOPS - Tickets sold ONLY from Saturday, February 6th @ 6 pm until Friday, February 12th @ 8 pm, as BUY-IT-NOW auction items

Most Workshops will be presented on ZOOM, live on day of the Fair, February 13th.  The Fairy Homes one will be on an exclusive YouTube link, for which you will receive a link after payment

Enrich your mind and deepen your knowledge by attending one, or two, perhaps more, of our virtual Workshops! 

Learn about creating medicine through Alchemy;  build Faerie homes in your garden or home; delve into Intuitive Tarot at beginner & more advanced levels;  connect to Asclepios the Healer; learn how to ground & shield your empathic abilities;  or, explore the healing nature of telling and living your own, truest story - we have a variety of virtual Workshops for everyone.

Once again, local Instructors came through for the cause & are presenting fabulous classes to the community.  Don’t let the low price fool you, as some of these classes are usually offered at much higher prices:  these are top-notch presenters with years - decades for some -  of experience and a wealth of information.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity, while supporting the community.

For this charity event only, all Instructors & Presenters are donating their time to the cause.  Tickets are a MINIMUM of $5  per class, but you can donate above that if you wish.  Just use our PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON on this page, or follow THIS LINK
To purchase a ticket, please ONLY use the BUY-IT-NOW option, and DO NOT put any amount in the Bidding field

AUCTION - Bidding runs from Sunday, February 7th @ 6 pm to Sunday, February 21st @ 6 pm

Enjoy our auction of unique and magical items generously donated by our Volunteers, Sponsors, Vendors, and various members of our community.

Healing Hearts Psychic Fair has been known for years for holding one of the largest raffle events in Kitsap.  This year, we have moved to an Auction format due to Internet laws on Raffles & Gambling;  yet, we maintain a high standard on the quality, quantity, and variety of items offered.
Bid with confidence, knowing that  the descriptions are accurate, and you will receive an item that will bring you joy.  At end of auction, you will receive an e-mail if you are a winning bidder, with an invoice for all your items.  

Please pay promptly.  If no payment is received within 48 hours notification, item will be awarded to the next bidder.  
All items can be picked up from a selection of Kitsap Co. locations, and in a COVID-safe manner.  
Upon request, some items can be mailed at your expense, if they can be shipped in a Flat Fee Priority Mail box or envelope.
The Chalice Hart family has a long history of helping those in our community who are facing unexpected life challenges and are in need of assistance due to circumstances which are beyond their control. 

Fourteen years ago, we created the Healing Hearts Fund to help us meet these needs.
We help pay for car repair bills, funeral expenses, emergency dental and medical bills, utilities bills, and rent;  we provide food, supplies, and emergency moving expenses for victims of abuse. 
Counseling, non-denominational and Pagan ministry, financial training and planning, and emotional support are always available if requested.  All these and more are the ways that we support our community through this Fund.

The annual Healing Hearts Psychic Fair provides a venue for us to offer outreach services to the Community, while enabling us to replenish the Fund, so we can be ready to meet the future needs of community members.
We love our community, and are grateful to all our volunteers who so graciously jump in, and remain flexible to allow us to do this all together, as well as to all who come visit every year, shop, get a Reading or Healing, participate in our auction /raffle, or get Henna done.  We hope that for the next Fair we shall all gather in person once more.  

Thanks again for your support

14th Healing Hearts Psychic Fair - VIRTUAL EDITION

Auction Items & Readings / Zoom Workshops Tickets

2/13/2021 8:00 AM

Have questions? Please contact us!


Thank you for your support!

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