Support Your Favorite Wolverine Athlete/Jersey Auction

Wolverine Athletic Booster Fundraiser

Happy Homecoming Week

     The West Bend-Mallard Athletic Boosters wanted to create a fun way for the community and Wolverine supporters to take part in a different kind of jersey auction to support our local athletes during this Covid-19 time. We hope that next year the school can return to normal Homecoming Activities. This year we have created the Support Your Favorite Wolverine Athletes/Jersey Online Auction. We encourage all community members, family, friends, and employers to show their love and support to an athlete that is special to them.

     This is a big fundraiser for the athletic booster club that supports all these athletes during their years of being Wolverines. The athletic booster club provides the funds for uniforms, up to date safety equipment, resources for coaches, and meals to run the activities that we all enjoy watching. During this unprecedented time please show your support so we can continue to provide the opportunities for the student-athletes at West Bend-Mallard/Gilmore City-Bradgate.

   Bidding will begin on Monday, September 21st, 2020, and end on Thursday, September 24th, 2020 evening at 7:00 PM.  Bid on your favorite athlete(s), if you want you can wear their jersey on Friday to support the Wolverines(please return by Monday), please bring payment for your auction purchases to the concession stand at the Friday night Homecoming Football game vs Harris-Lake Park. Happy Bidding and we are wishing everyone a Fun and Safe Homecoming week.

*Disclaimer*Bidding is only allowed for supporters that are associated with our organization. We reserve the right to delete bids from supporters that are not part of our Wolverine fan base.

Huge shout out to GTRA for the awesome idea during these Covid times.

Have questions? Please contact us!

West Bend Mallard Athletic Boosters

Thank you for your support!