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NYSSPA Auction

The NYSSPA auction will open virtually on New York's inaugural PA Day - October 6, 2020 - and close on October 17, 2020.

To begin bidding, view the items from the dropdown above and click into the item you wish to bid on. Follow the prompts to register a profile to submit your bid. 


NYSSPA is a 501c6 organization that represents more than 18,000 licensed PAs in the state of New York, the faculty and students from 26 PA programs, and other stakeholders in the healthcare arena. As you know, PAs have and will continue to play a pivotal role during the COVID19 pandemic. Our fundraising efforts help improve quality patient and healthcare outcomes by providing PAs a collective voice for advocacy and enhancing the environment of PA practice. Funds raised through this event help expand the scope of PAs in New York to allow us to practice at the top of our knowledge and training while providing programming and opportunities for PA student development. Expansion of our scope has been recognized by NYS government as essential during the pandemic thanks to the efforts of NYSSPA.

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New York State Society of PAs (NYSSPA)

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