Silent Auction

As we move into the holiday season, we want to remind our community of the importance of mental health. We want to offer an opportunity to listen, educate and understand mental health and to give those who live with mental illnesses a chance to speak to their story or find inspiration in others.

ARTfullness is a Silent Auction that will be held from November 26th to December 11th at Londonderry, featuring local artists depiction of mental health through the form of art during their journey through COVID-19. For those living with mental illnesses, art can be an outlet to find peace and clarity. We are honoured to be able to showcase such talent and allow the raw beauty of these pieces to be on display within our walls. 

Half of all proceeds will be donated to Canadian Mental Health Association, with the other half going back to the wonderful artists who created the pieces. 

Minimum bid varies from $50 to $200 depending on the piece. 

We appreciate your support! 

Have questions? Please contact us!


Thank you for your support!