Holiday Showcase Auction

Art and Collectibles

We've gone virtual with our art sales and auctions! We will be hosting a series of online auctions through bidding owl to help us raise money for our center. 

Need some help placing a bid or want to see the items in person? Stop in at our office for some assistance T, W, Th 10-3

208 S Central Ave, Marshfield, WI 54449

Auctions for 2020:

Fall Auction Oct 28th to Nov 11th at 2pm

Holiday Showcase Dates TBA! 

What will we use our funds for?

Chestnut Center is a base for local arts of all kinds. From music, to dance, to the visual arts, we support a variety of artists and groups in the community. A large part of supporting the arts is having a place to hold events, classes, and other activities. Our center is in need of building and ground repairs so we can do our part to keep the arts alive. We hope to reach our goal through this fundraising event and others to come.
Overall Fundraising Goal: $20,000
Here is what we've been working on in our Center and items that still need to be repaired:
Chimney Repairs
Railings for New Outside Steps on Chestnut Ave
New ADA Compliant Bathroom
Hot Water System Repairs
Help us keep our base strong for the community now and future generations to come. 

Chestnut Center for the Arts

208 S Chestnut Ave
Marshfield Wisconsin, 54449

11/28/2020 12:00 AM

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Chestnut Center for the Arts

Thank you for your support!