This year’s gathering is virtual... but your impact is very real.

Just because we can’t gather together this year, doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun!


Ready to get your bidding on? Some great friends donated amazing items. You can snag one with the right bid.


Don’t need anything new but still want to help? Then pitch in with an honest day of work at the ranch (virtually speaking). In this game, you start off as a Ranch Hand since ya’ gotta start somewhere! The first six jobs are basic duties and all of them help our horses and donkeys. If you’re ready for more, be a Head Wrangler to tackle one of the next five options. And if you’re prepared to make a major contribution to our rescue operation, check out the final three items set aside for a real Trail Boss. If you help out here, your name will forever be a part of Miracle Ranch.


Pick one or more jobs and donate to get it done.


Check out all the ways you can help on our auction page!


We're having too much fun! Auction extended through Monday, November 23. 


Have questions? Please contact us!

Habitat for Horses

Thank you for your support!

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