Edu-Futuro 23rd Anniversary Gala

Building a Brighter Future

This year's Gala will spotlight the hard work, dedication, and academic success of the students in our signature project, the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), which empowers hundreds of immigrant and Latino youth in Northern Virginia through a series of free, bilingual services that help participants build a path to high school graduation, college enrollment, and career success. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 83 high school graduates of ELP this year were offered $5,557,892 in scholarships and financial aid for their first year of college - a record for our organization.

Our 23rd Anniversary Gala will also serve to highlight the accomplishments of our Parent Empowerment Services staff, which responded to the coronavirus crisis by helping to stabilize more than 1,200 households, and disbursing over $800,000 from our own Emergency Assistance Fund for rent, food, and utilities, making Edu-Futuro one of the largest providers of direct financial aid to immigrant families in the Washington region. 

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