Austitch Charity Auction

benefiting Austin Bat Refuge

Welcome to our auction page! Our auction is going to run from October 12th at 6am cst to October 16th at 6pm cst.

Please note shipping will only be available in the US.

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Austitch is our local group of fiber artists who cross stitch, embroider, and stab things with needles, hoping to build a meaningful community of stitchers to help empower, learn, and make our form of art more pertinent in the modern world. As part of our effort, this year Austitch is supporting Austin Bat Refuge by hosting a virtual auction of fiber arts donated by members of our community. 

Even in Austin, the bat capital of North America, bats continue to be feared and misunderstood. But, thanks to the work of dedicated scientists and conservation organizations like Austin Bat Refuge, knowledge about and appreciation for bats is emerging from the darkness. Giving bats a second chance through rehabilitation and release, conflict resolution, and education.

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Austitch - on behalf of Austin Bat Refuge

Thank you for your support!

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