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2022 9th Annual Monster Education Foundation Banquet

Monster Education Foundation’s (MEF) mission is to seek, identify, and support young Agents of Change as they pursue higher education and make a lasting difference in their communities. We want to see every Monster Scholar positively impact his or her community, complete high school, and be accepted and attend an accredited post-secondary educational institution. Our scholars come from the most underserved neighborhoods in Chicago, including the Englewood and Austin communities. Through mentorship programs, we strive to connect our Monster Scholars with individuals who can provide support to not only develop leadership skills so the scholars can give back to their communities but also their academic skills so the scholars can pursue their post-secondary education goals. The scholars’ current schools are not able to provide them with educational opportunities such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Even classroom supplies, such as textbooks, are outdated and/or not available.

The 2022 Annual Banquet will be held on December 3, 2022 at Maggiano's Little Italy. Our goal is to raise $60,000 at this event. In addition to funding college scholarship accounts for our scholars, these funds will be used to provide support as our Monster Scholars complete their service projects, to help fund tutoring/college preparation services, and to provide opportunities these students would never have the chance to otherwise experience. 

Due to the generous donation of our Board Members, 100% of your donations goes directly to our Monster Scholars through programming and their college scholarship accounts.

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