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Have A Seat next to Fern from Nomadland!

Oscar Winner for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Lead Actress " in a motion picture!

Arena Theater's Have A Seat campaign is auctioning off the seat next to Fern's. The bidding starts at $1000. The highest bidder will get a plaque placed on the seat arm with an inscription of their choice.

This fundraiser will help pay off the solar loan for the community-supported solar-powered Arena Theater! Please go to for information about the Have A Seat campaign.

You have the opportunity to bid on a seat in the Arena Theater next to the seat donated by Frances McDormand in honor of her character "Fern" in the award-winning drama "Nomadland." The seat, E9, is marked in yellow on the map.

Parts of Nomadland were filmed in Mendocino County, and the movie will be featured at our Cove Drive-in event this year along with a recorded message from the star with questions posed by our local film lovers.

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