Keep People Warm This Winter

Jubilee's online Bizarre Bazaar talent project

This winter will be more challenging for a lot of folks.  They shouldn't have to choose between paying for heat or food. At Jubilee! we creaet "The Heating Fund" each year so people don't have to. This year's annual Bizarre Bazaar is run as a silent auction. ]

Two ways to play:
1) Bid on things like any silent auction, the final bidding ends January 9th. We will notify the winner and send the paypal link.

2) BUY NOW to get an item sooner (and before Christmas.)  Simply hit the BUY NOW for the given amount, and then donate that amount through PayPal (see instructions in the note section of the auction item.) 

So to recap…here is how you play.

1) Register

2) Check out out the many varied and creative items donated by gifted and talented Jubilants!

3) Bid on items, OR click on "buy now" button.

4) If Buy Now, then Donate with Paypal link.  If a Bid, wait for further instruction on the second week of January.

5) Work with individual for COVID safe transfer

5) All money goes to the Heating Fund to keep people warm this winter.  

Bizarre Bazaar online auction

46 Wall STreet
Ashveille North Carolina, 28801

12/13/2020 9:00 AM

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