Starry Nite Art Festival

Silent Auction

December 11-20, 2020

OCA-Greater Houston has been giving back to the community for years.
This festival is a thank you to all the support and partnerships made
throughout the years. We want to highlight the artists, youth,
organizations, and businesses that supported the community by sharing
their acts of giving.

…Back to the Community
…Up old habits
…Space for unheard voices
…Yourself time to heal

Giving gratitude and appreciation each day positively affects not
only the receiver, but also how you feel within your own life. We
encourage you to share a Box of Gratitude via our curated
Gratitude Boxes of self-care/journaling, a Ramen Sampler Box,
a Starry Nite Asian Snacks Box, or a unique gift for someone you
want to show appreciation to and/or treat yourself to some self-
care! New items are added DAILY, check back frequently so you don't miss out!

All donations and proceeds go towards supporting the Starry Nite
Arts Fest of OCA-Greater Houston.

Thank you for exploring giving!

Have questions? Please contact us!

OCA Greater Houston

Thank you for your support!