RNFOO 2022 Auction

Support Nurses and Nursing Students in Ontario

The popular RNFOO Annual Gala Auction is now available on a platform that allows everyone to participate in the fun, purchase great items and support nurses and nursing students.  Whether you can attend the Gala or not, you can bid and buy.  Many items can be easily delivered anywhere in Ontario.  A few must be picked up in specific locations; please read the 'Additional Information' carefully before you bid.

Many thanks to all the donors who provided the items up for bid, and to all of you who will bid them up.

Our goal is to raise at least $6,000.  Bid high, bid often, and tell your friends about the great items they can win.

Online Virtual Platform


5/04/2022 6:30 PM

Have questions? Please contact us!

Registered Nurses' Foundation of Ontario RNFOO

Thank you for your support!

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