OPEN December 1-15

The Huntsville Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) is proud to partner with many local businesses for the 2022 Trail Build Fundraiser. 


Our Trail Build Fundraising campaign will run from December 1-15, with the goal of raising $10,000. Every dollar will go directly into building and growing the trail systems in Huntsville. 


In 2022 HMBA membership doubled and is expected to double again in 2023.  The trail systems we build support our community with more trails for biking and hiking.  As we promote tourism to our area for these activities, we help support local businesses.


Our goals in 2023 include developing our ever growing trail systms.  Our volunteers have been working hard and have developed an amazing trail system to date, but they need a little more support.  We are asking for any monetary donations or prizes for our virtual auction (please submit your prize by April 28th). Any assistance is greatly appreciated. While we do not have charitable status and cannot provide tax credit receipts, we’re in the process of gaining charitable status to do so in the future. Any donations are welcome. You can also become a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsor of the HMBA (details on our website)


All proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly towards one of the following areas. 


Equipment rental


Gas powered tools (saws, leaf blowers)

Hand tools

Signs and maps


Volunteer training



Thank you for supporting trail development in Huntsville for us all to enjoy.


Have questions? Please contact us!

Huntsville Mountain Bike Association

Thank you for your support!